Bedside Commodes

Medicare Qualifications

A commode is covered when the beneficiary is physically incapable of utilizing regular toilet facilities, which would occur in the following situations:

  • The beneficiary is confined to a single room, or
  • The beneficiary is confined to one level of the residing home and there is no toilet on that level, or
  • The beneficiary is confined to the home and there are no toilet facilities in the home.


  1. Bedside commodes are not covered if they are placed over the toilet in the bathroom
  2. Extra wide / heavy duty commode chairs may be covered if the beneficiary weighs 300 pounds or more.
  3. A commode chair with detachable arms may be covered if the detachable arms feature is necessary
    1. to facilitate transferring the beneficiary, or
    2. If the beneficiary has a body configuration that requires extra width.

A commode chair with a seat lift mechanism may be covered if the beneficiary has a medical necessity for a commode AND meets the criteria for a seat lift mechanism. The seat lift mechanism is intended for the beneficiary to walk after standing.

PLEASE NOTE: If the beneficiary can walk they rarely meet the criteria for a commode.

Required Documentation for Medicare

  1. Prescription  – Must be signed and dated by treating physician or supplier signature if dispensing orders.
  2. Detailed Written Order – Must be signed and dated by physician.
  3. Chart Notes – Including information stating why a bedside commode is medically necessary (must comply with Qualifications listed above).


  • Medical need must be documented in patient’s record
  • DME supplier must have documentation on file detailing why patient is room-confined or unable to access toilet facilities.


If you are in need of more detailed information please click the link below to access the LCD.

Bedside Commode LCD



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