Seat Lift Chairs

Please Note:  Medicare only covers the lift mechanism (motor) for the lift chair, they do not cover the actual chair or furniture itself.

Medicare Qualifications

ALL of the following criteria must be met In order to consider Medicare coverage:

  • Patient must be able to ambulate once standing.

           (Can NOT be used in conjunction with a wheelchair or POV)

  • Has severe arthritis of hip or knee or severe neuromuscular disease. Diagnosis required.
  • Must be a part of the physician’s course of treatment and be prescribed to effect improvement, or arrest or retard deterioration of the patient’s condition.
  • Patient must be completely incapable of standing up from any chair in his/her home.

           Please Note: The fact that a patient has difficulty or is even incapable of getting up from a

           chair, particularly a low chair is not sufficient justification for a seat-lift mechanism.


Required Documentation for Medicare

  1. Prescription – Written or typed and signed by the physician.
  2. Detailed Written Order – Must be signed and dated by the visiting physician (prior to delivery).
  3. Chart Notes – Including information stating why a seat lift chair is medically necessary (must comply with Qualifications listed above).
  4. Face to Face Evaluation Completed Face to Face evaluation from physician for all seat lift mechanisms.


If you are in need of more detailed information please click the link below to access the LCD.


Seat Lift LCD



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