Hospital Bed Accessories

Medicare Qualifications

  • Trapeze equipment is considered for coverage if the beneficiary needs this device to sit up because of a respiratory condition, to change body position for other medical reasons, or to get in and out of bed
  • Heavy Duty trapeze equipment is covered if the beneficiary meets the criteria for regular trapeze equipment and the beneficiary’s weight is more than 250 pounds.
  • A bed cradle is considered for coverage when it is necessary to prevent contact with the bed coverings.
  • Side rails or safety enclosures are covered when they are required by the beneficiary’s condition and they are an integral part of, or an accessory to, a covered hospital bed.

Please Note: - If a beneficiary’s condition requires a replacement innerspring mattress or foam mattress it will be covered for a beneficiary owned hospital bed.


Required Documentation for Medicare

  1. Prescription – Must be signed and dated by treating physician.
  2. Detailed Written Order – Signed and dated by the treating physician (prior to delivery).
  3. Chart Notes – Including information stating why equipment is medically necessary (must comply with Qualifications listed above).


If you are in need of more detailed information please click the link below to access the LCD.

Hospital Bed Accessories LCD 



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